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30 Days Of Klaine Meme: Days 1-11

Hi guys!<3 Just got back from my school trip this weekend, (which I'm posting as a separate entry) but I feel bad for not blogging in forever, so I'm doing the 30 days of Klaine meme.

30 days of Klaine.
Day 1: The moment that made you a Klaine shipper.
Day 2: Favourite Kurt solo.
Day 3: Favourite Blaine solo.
Day 4: Favourite Klaine duet.
Day 5: A song that describes their relationship.
Day 6: Favorite friendship between Kurt and another character.
Day 7: Favorite friendship between Blaine and another character.
Day 8: Favourite Kurt scene.
Day 9: Favourite Blaine scene.
Day 10: Favourite Klaine scene.
Day 11: Favourite Chris quote about Klaine.

Day 12: Favourite Darren quote about Klaine.
Day 13: Favourite Kurt screencap.
Day 14: Favourite Blaine screencap.
Day 15: Favourite Klaine screencap.
Day 16: Favourite Kurt outfit.
Day 17: Favourite Blaine outfit.
Day 18: Favourite Kurt hairstyle.
Day 19: Favourite Blaine hairstyle.
Day 20: Favourite Klaine funny scene.
Day 21: Favourite Klaine eyesex scene.
Day 22: Favourite Klaine fanart.
Day 23: Favourite Klaine video.
Day 24: Random quote that describes Klaine.
Day 25: Favourite Chris quote about Darren.
Day 26: Favourite Darren quote about Chris.
Day 27: Favourite Chris photo.
Day 28: Favourite Darren photo.
Day 29: Favourite Criss/Colfer photo.
Day 30: A list with your top 5 moments.

#day 1: when you first became a shipper.

Originally, I got into Glee because my friend Amanda was raving in chorus class one day about the show and these two guys named Kurt and Blaine and I was like ":O I MUST WATCH THIS SHOW." And then I found Teenage Dream and was like

and shipped them so hard.

Buuuuut, it should be pointed out that larissaslj showed me Baby It's Cold Outside and I legitimately thought they were a couple and adorable. :D<3

#day 2: fave kurt solo

Don't Cry For Me Argentina. The solo version is better, imo, even though he sang it in the episode as a duet with Rachel. Just listen, please. Your life will be much more awesome in doing so.

#day 3: fave blaine solo.


um. okay. going with when i get you alone because dcriss' voice gives me the most chills in that, and i'm sure i'll fangirl over teenage dream at some point. if you haven't seen it:

#day 4: fave klaine duet.


Song-wise, I'd go with Animal, because I listen to it obsessively their voices have so much energy that kind of bounces off of each other. :D

Performance/episode scene-wise, I'd say Baby It's Cold Outside. Because really. If you're asking, you have not seen it. (How can you ship Klaine and NOT see this video?)

#day 5: song that describes their relationship.
Falling In Love In A Coffeeshop. There's even a lovely fanvideo that someone made for it. :D

#day 6: fave friendship between kurt and someone else.

I'm tempted to say Finn and Kurt because they're EPIC BROS (further evidenced by this fic) but if we're sticking with canon, totally Mercedes.

#day 7: fave friendship between blaine and someone else.

BLAINE AND FINN. imeanwhat

I'm gonna say Wes and David, because (at least in the the fanon 'verse) they're like the Golden Trio and just generally boss.

#day 8: fave kurt scene.

Found it really hard to pick this one, so can I just say, like, ALL of Furt? Or at least his comments on being a wedding planner? Because beyond that I litralee have no idea where to start.

#day 9: fave blaine scene.

Hmm... Maybe the one where he suggests Kurt sing a duet with him at Regionals? Or after Kurt loses his solo for Sectionals? Either of those I think.

#day 10: fave klaine scene.

Well, other than the obvious kiss--




sorry, i got distracted.

that happens whenever i run across this gif.


Other than the Kliss, I'd probably say...


and the scenes thnat follow.

because seriously? the looks that blaine give kurt during the whole thing are pure gold. every time i sing along with the video, at the end, when blaine's delivering the last lyric, ("be your teenage dream tonight") i always squeak in the middle of it. i mess up every time.

#day 11: fave chris colfer quote about klaine.


"That was by far the gayest thing that has ever been on TV, period. Forget AbFab, forget Beautiful People and Will and Grace." (about Baby It's Cold Outside)


"They're kind of like the Joanie and Chachi of our generation. When we made the announcement Kurt was getting a boyfriend, people went batshit."

Because he is adorable.

And that is all, because my parents are home and I'll likely be booted off to do laundry or something.




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