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Quiz tiem! :D

If you watch me on the sevenawesomeslashers channel, I announced yesterday that, in celebration of youtube_slash reaching 400 members, I'd made a quiz for people to become "awesome slashers." This is that quiz.


1. The first four sections are all multiple choice, so simply write A, B, C, or D next to the number of the question. The last part is an optional written portion where you can earn up to 5 bonus points! 8D

2. After you've submitted your answers, I will check them and respond to you with your score. A 70% and above is passing.

3. If you pass the quiz, I will send you a certificate that...certifies...you as an "awesome slasher". (In order for me to do this, I'll need a secondary form of contact, [because lj's message system sucks] like your email or Twitter username.)

4. NO CHEATING. This means no tabs open to anywhere you could look for answers. The comments are screened so you can't see anyone else's answers.

5. If you don't pass the quiz the first time, feel free to come back and take it until you do! ^_^

6. Have fun and tell your friends! I encourage anyone to take this! :D

Section I. Basic Fic Terms.

1. Based on the following warning list, what rating should be used?

"kissing, a little angst, some minor swears."

A. G
C. PG-13
D. R

2. What does the term 'AU' stand for?

A. Absent of Unicorns
B. Alternate Universe
C. Acting Union
D. Assumed Unfinished

Match the Youtubers with their corresponding pairing name.

3. EddplantxTom Milsom                 A. Phan
4. AmazingPhilxDanisnotonfire         B. Hexaplant
5. Alex DayxTeoh                           C. ~Never

Section II. Community History and Firsts.

1. The first Youtuber to discover fiction about themself was whom, and who was it written by?

A. Tom Milsom, Philli
B. Alex Day, Philli
C. Teoh/Mr.tinoforever, Lucy and Ramona
D. Tom Milsom, Nicole

2. The first story ever posted to the Livejournal community was...

A. "Fancying", by Philli/Smushfaace
B. "Song Meme", by Nicole/Nicoleh262
C. "The Worst Best Interview Ever", by Nicole/Nicoleh262
D. "Watching", by Philli/Smushfaace

3. Who was the first Youtuber to discuss (devote more than a brief mention) slash fiction in a video?

A. Charlieissocoollike 
B. Nerimon
C. Danisnotonfire 
D. Michael Aranda

4. According to lore, Philli began writing Youtube slash why?

A. She loved Alex and Charlie's chemistry
B. She was frustrated with the lack of fic
C. She thought Ian and Anthony of Smosh were "obviously gay for each other"
D. She was bored one day and started writing

5. Which Youtuber famously began tweeting lines from a fic about himself?

A. Alex Day
B. Tom Milsom
C. Teoh
D. Eddplant

Section III. Sevenawesomeslashers Channel.

1. The five minute rule was first suggested by whom?

A. Hannah
B. Carly
C. Nicole
D. Philli

2. The first slasher to be punished was whom, and what was their punishment?

A. Philli, wear a sharpied-on mustache and beard
B. Carly, do an entire video in song
C. Erin, dye her hair red
D. Kathleen, eat tuna

3. In her first video, Lucy referred to the first members of Youtube Slash as what?

A. The Example-Setters
B. The Founding Fangirls
C. The Pioneering Generation

4. Which two slashers made cameos in Nicole's video discussing the "Charlie ~sitch"?

A. Lucy and Ramona
B. Hannah and Bobbin
C. Lucy and Philli
D. Erin and Christin

5. Which slasher  has yet to have a "special guest"?

A. Carly
B. Christin
C. Bob
D. Erin

Section IV. #y_slash_mansion/"THE INNER CIRCLE"

1. Who wrote the first #y_slash_mansion story?

A. Lucy
B. Ramona
C. Alex
D. Erin

2. Which of the following has yet to be written and publicly posted?

A. #dirtypathogens (Alex/Erin)
B. #glitter_blau (Ramona/Hannah)
C. #lamona (Lucy/Ramona)
D. #spleen (Lucy/Kathleen)

3. In Alex's chapter, who do Nicole and Bobbin mistake for "alien rapists"?

A. Lucy & Ramona
B. Kathleen
C. Erin
D. Reili

4. Which Sons Of Admirals member is Erin most often compared with?

A. Tom Milsom
B. Eddplant
C. Charlie McDonnell
D. Alex Day

5. In Ramona's Valentine's Day #y_slash_mansion fic, what does Carly's "Super Secret Surprise Breakfast" consist of?

A. Blueberry muffins
B. Pancakes and eggs made to look like a smiley face
C. Eggs, bacon, and a Hershey's kiss
D. Chocolate chip pancakes

Section V. Written exam.*

Use the following random word generator as a prompt for a ~100 word drabble. Write the word you were given below and have at it! :3

*note: this portion is optional, but if completed, you can earn up to 5 extra points!


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Feb. 27th, 2011 09:12 pm (UTC)
how do you submit answers nicoole??
Feb. 27th, 2011 09:34 pm (UTC)
Um. Just type the correct letter next to the number of the question? If you're talking about how to post a comment, just hit "post comment" like you normally would, type your answers, and submit. I'm the only person who can see them.
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